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GBDF’s Special Initiatives

GBDF has several core initiatives that address key health and educational needs of residents in eastern North Carolina and beyond. Some of the key initiatives established include the following:

Youth Focused–Academic:


  • GBDF Educational Incentive Fund-Memorial Academic Incentive Fund for average students   (GPA 2.0-2.4) seeking excellence.

  • College Day-exposing high schoolers to the college experience, various health-related fields, and the college admissions process. Campus visits have included the University of North Carolina- Chapel Hill and North Carolina Central University’s BRITE Program in areas of science, public health, and allied health.

  • GBDF 4-H Trail Blazer Awards recognizes 4-Hers competing at the state level in North Carolina by providing travel and logistical support. Gregory was an active 4-Her and a three time state and national winner in landscaping and public speaking.



  • Motorcycle Benefit Ride- annual proceeds benefit a local, regional or national health-service organization. Ten (10) annual events have supported diabetes, juvenile delinquency prevention, HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, domestic violence, prostate cancer, youth leadership, and heart disease.

  • Annual Valentine’s Day Benefit Gala- a major fundraiser supporting all GBDF initiatives, and other fundraising events celebrating arts and music.

  • Grant seeking and other financial support to fund special initiatives. For example, grant funding has been received from the Susan G. Komen Foundation, The Conservation Fund, Morehouse School of Medicine, and GlaxoSmithKline Foundation totaling nearly $225,000 in funding support to date.

Community Outreach/Collaboration:


  • Health Disparities GBDF provides financial and volunteer support to organizations focusing on health disparities and health equity.

  • Community Outreach and Education covering health areas such as nutrition, fitness, prostate and breast cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, HIV/AIDS, linkage to care and patient navigation.

  • Breast Cancer Support as a founding member of the Roanoke Valley Breast Cancer Coalition (RVBCC), GBDF support the Saving Our Sisters in the Valley conferences, support groups, tours to area cancer centers, education and outreach, and free breast screening and mammography, through funding provided from the Susan G. Komen Foundation and additional conference support from key partners. Also, through fundraising efforts, GBDF has been able to provide travel support for medical and cancer treatment appointments.

  • Elder Care and nurturing the elderly by providing recreational activities for residents of area Nursing homes and other skilled care facilities.

  • Respite Care providing much needed funding for caregiver support groups   and other activities related to respite care.

  • Ongoing Partnerships and Collaborations with institutions, agencies and organizations with complimentary missions, goals and desired outcomes as GBDF. GBDF has partnered with over 60 organizations, institutions, municipalities and associations.