• Edna Davis-Brown, MPH

Home for the Holidays

Where is home? In the voice of Diana Ross, When I think of home I think of a place where there is love overflowing. When I ask others, they typically respond with:

• Wherever there is love/family • The place where I am most comfortable • Being around the people we care about • A place where you aren’t feeling rushed • There is plenty of food

Often people mention the sound of a certain person’s voice, the sound of footsteps on creaky floorboards, certain scents. The word home often conjures up a sense of creating a warm and festive environment. Perhaps it is one of the many places where we have keys or come and go unannounced. Many of us think of the place where we grew up, the traditions shared over decades, the spaces and traditions we have created with our spouse, children, or grandchildren. 

But what does home look like after loss? In lieu of the national tragedies; hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. From wildfires in California to illness and death in our own families, many people have been displaced from their sense of home. We welcome you to broaden your definition of home, not as a physical space, but as the feeling that is within our control. Out of the fires comes the phoenix. Wishing you comfort and joy whereever you find yourself this holiday season. Toasting to endings, new beginnings, and infinite possibilities in 2018. 

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