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Rayshawn Powell:  Journey to Guatemala Journal Entry # 1

Rayshawn "Ray" Powell, a Gregory B. Davis Foundation (GBDF) Youth Advisor and rising senior at KIPP Pride in Gaston, North Carolina, certainly does not allow any moss of any kind to grow under his feet. Not only is Ray a gifted student and athlete, but he is also currently President of KIPP's Spanish Club. From June 12-22, Ray along with six other KIPP students will

be in Guatemala teaching students and spending time learning more about the culture and norms of youth and families living there. The KIPP students are to speak Spanish the majority of their time spent there. Ray wants to take you along on this wonderful journey highlighting some of his totally amazing experiences between now and his return to North Carolina. GBDF is very proud to be sharing a series of his journal entries on the GBDF Facebook page and website. TAKE A LOOK, ENJOY and BE SURE TO LIKE US!!!

Journal Entry #1: June 15, 2016

¡Hola! I'm having an amazing time in Guatemala and it's not as hot as I expected. When we first got here, we went to the beach where we had a bungalow for the first few nights. After leaving that part of Guatemala (can't remember the name of the town) we went to Antigua, where our host mom lives.

Her name is Amanda and she's literally like a mother to all of us... In the sense that she makes sure we're up in time, makes or breakfast, lunch, and dinner (makes sure we wash the dishes and if they aren't up to her standards she will let you know.) Yesterday we had to opportunity to read to students at a school, which turned into me and another classmate actually in a class teaching the students English. Monday we started Spanish school to perfect our Spanish and we're there for about four hours with a 30 min break after two hours of learning. We all are getting one on one attention to make sure certain needs are met. Tomorrow will be our last night in Antigua before we head to our next destination. Just wanted to give you an update on my trip... Oh yea. I thought I was gonna die on the plan ride from Atlanta to Guatemala because we flew thru a storm and that came with a lot of turbulence.... It felt like the plane drop a little bit and I couldn't do anything but hold on to me seat lol... But other than that everything has been amazing.


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