• Rayshawn Powell

Ray in Guatemala: Journal Entry #4

Any where you travel, you're gonna experience some pretty wonderful things and you'll also experience issues in their society. A social justice issue that is very common in Guatemala is the power of a woman. The men in Guatemala are very dominant and will be in charge of situations. My teacher, Ms. Belgreat, warned us of this issue before leaving, but I didn't really believe here until my time here. If we walked as a group, people would approach me over her because I'm tall, I have a full grown beard, I'm a young man. Especially men would walk up to me and ask if I needed certain things, completely ignoring that she was standing next to me. Even while we're eating, the waiter would walk over, make eye contact with me and ask if we were ready to order, and when it was time to pay the bill, who do you think the bill was handed to? ME! The average woman on Guatemala will not have power and will always be under the influence of her husband. Women not having the same rights as men is not only the problem, but as well as, drugs and sex trafficking. While walking the streets of Panajachel at night I was offered large amounts of weed and even women. Saying no to both and turning around to see the faces of the girls in our group bothered me. The look of disgust because if they were to live in this country that could be one of them. That's just the harsh reality of Guatemala.

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