• Rayshawn Powell

Ray in Guatemala: Journal Entry #3

Shopping in Guatemala can be a fun experience for anyone because it teaches a sense of value. In the states, I don't think we have a real meaning of value; even though, so many people believe they do. I brought myself a blanket from Guatemala for ______. The blanket, in my opinion, has a much greater than what they're selling it for. The women that make the blankets take months. Any where you go, you can witness a woman creating something amazing from something that I can walk down the street from my house in Garysburg (NC) to see, cotton. I wanted a blanket so bad because I can't go home look on the internet and find something like this. I didn't buy the blanket to just keep me warm, but because it's unique and has a special meaning to me. When I go to sleep with my blanket I understand that it was made with love and care. While shopping you also have to be a strong person. If you feel as though something is overpriced, you should start bargaining your way down to a better price. You here the phrase, " lets make a deal," "business is business" and "I have a good price for you." Selling different items is how the people of Guatemala make their money. What makes shopping the hardest is when you see little kids under the age of 8 trying to sell you items. An issue that I saw myself falling into sometimes. How could you say no to a little boy or girl on the street trying to make money for their family? I learned that sometimes not even making eye contact with them can help you from falling victim.

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