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Ray in Guatemala - Journal Entry # 2

After taking some time to think about my time in Antigua, Guatemala I come to the realization that a lot of children and even adults are not grateful for the many blessing that we have in the US. I totally understand that we also have our issues that we have to work on, but looking at the problems that are taking place here in Antigua is a real eye opener. You can walk through the streets at any given time and see children selling different items to help provide for their families. Between the ages of 10-13, students stop attending school to work. Which blows my mind because they want to learn, but can't because they have other responsibilities and don't have the money to pay for school. Comparing this to the U. S., students don't want to attend school because it's free for them. The zest that I saw in the students, that I was teaching English to, was on another planet and not something you would see back home.

This picture is me and a classmate Tomani (graduated this year and is heading off to UNC-Charlotte in the fall) when we're inside a classroom teaching students English.

Here's a picture of Fransisco and me. As soon as I walked into the classroom with the students, Fransisco caught him my attention for some odd reason. While teaching he couldn't get a clear grasp of the content, but with some one on one attention, he understood the content and also made a new friend.

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