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The Gregory B. Davis Foundation (GBDF) in collaboration with the Halifax Regional Medical Center (HRMC) hosted an HIV/AIDS Community Forum in 2005 to discuss the immediate challenges in providing services for the HIV/AIDS population. We sought to accomplish several goals through the Open Forum, specifically: 

  • To inform communities about the value of HIV/AIDS outreach and case management programs; To build a committed network of support to take action; and 

  • To find innovative strategies to sustain the valuable health services programs. 


To ensure that we are well-informed about the topic-at-hand, we have invited current and past Halifax Regional Medical Center HIV/AIDS Program Coordinators, local physicians and community representatives. Also, three persons with HIV/AIDS provided their personal testimonies on how this disease has affected them and their families. Over 50 concerned citizens and healthcare providers attending including a District Court Judge, a representative from the NC House of Representatives, nurses, physicians, social workers, faith-based representatives, and other key people participated in this important forum. The Open Forum was held in the Gallery Area of The Centre at the Halifax Community College, 200 College Drive, Weldon, North Carolina. 

As a result of this forum, HRMC has formed two support groups for persons with HIV/AIDS and was able to form collaborative relationships with several organizations that were in attendance. Since that time GBDF and HRMC continue to work together to enhance outreach and services to persons with HIV/AIDS and their families. 

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